Moodboard is a collection of projects that showcase a variety of my skills, these could be projects that were built for fun, end of year studies projects or other experimentation projects with new techs and areas of software development.

Discord Bot

  • Node.js |
  • Express |
  • TypeScript |
  • Docker |
  • MongoDB |
  • Twitch API |
  • YouTube Data API |
  • Reddit API |
  • Axios

Personnal Discord bot for YouTube and Twitch live streaming notification of channels you follow, chat conversations and moderation and others


  • Java |
  • Angular |
  • Firebase |
  • Google Maps API

Mobile application built for tourists, it offers various informations about accommondation, catering, historic mounuments and tourist events. And also allows the moderation of data with an admin panel

Cube Solves Timer

  • C#

Application that allows the users to keep track on their progress of solving the Rubik's Cube


  • C#

Application for Windows 10 that resembles to the Windows 7 gadgets, which allow the users to take notes on their screens


  • C# |
  • SMTP |
  • SQL Server

College grading system to manage the students grades which can be used by the administration, professors and students

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